Panneau haute densité

Module and ODF Solution

This rackmounted patch panel is designed to manage and house easy-plug MTP / MPO to LC fiber cassette modules, for connecting plug-and-play pre-terminated high density MTP / MPO Fiber cabling system. This solution contributes to greater network availabili

▪ 19" standard dimension suitable for all type cabinet 
▪ Convenient for installation, remove and additio 
▪ Convenient with sliding rail 
▪ MPO/MTP trunk lines connecting port is fixed on the back of cassette 
▪ Transmission for Single MPO/MTP connecter above 40G or 100G 
▪ High Density:1pc MPO /MTP cassette can reach 24cores 
▪ High Capacity:1pc MPO/MTP ODF(4U) with 24pcs cassette;Maximum:576cores 
▪ High Capacity:1pc MPO/MTP ODF(2U) with 12pcs cassette;Maximum:288cores 
▪ High Capacity:1pc MPO/MTP ODF(1U) with 6pcs cassette;Maximum:144cores 
▪ Save manpower:No need tidy on site as the ODF assembly



▪ High density fiber cabling system 
▪ Fast cabling system 
▪ Backbone network 
▪ High Integration equipment and device 
▪ Data center , SAN Syste etc 



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